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We provide the knowledge that tunes cars


  Never tune while the vehicle is moving.

  Never tune WOT on public highways, obey all posted speed limits. This can be dangerous to you and others on the road.

  When tuning and operating the vehicle in a garage, make sure that the garage is equipped with a proper ventilation system.

  After installation and tuning, make sure to clean up every thing that would interfere with the driver. Wires, tools, and laptop computer may interfere with the driver and cause accidents.

  Avoid open sparks, flames, or operation of electrical device near flammable substances.

  Improper tuning can cause damage to the engine.

  PPO2 Performance, Inc. will not take any responsibility of damage caused by improper tuning; always perform a reality check on the data prior to operation of the vehicle.

  Tuning should be performed only by a technician who fully understands the vehicle’s fuel management and ignition timing requirement for the engine being tuned.

  Always use a proper air/fuel ratio meter when tuning with Baseline.

  Read and fully understand the Baseline directions, FAQ and tuning tips before tuning the vehicle.