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  Getting Started

In order to take advantage of Baseline's unique program for tuning you need a few pieces of information and some basic equipment. If you have been tuning for a while you should have this information and equipment already. Below is a checklist for you to use prior to starting the tuning process:

  Tunable Engine Management System (EMS)
It can be a piggyback style like the Greddy E-Manage or a full EMS system. However, you need to have a vehicle computer that you can write to or modify; otherwise any changes Baseline recommends cannot be uploaded to your car.

  Wideband AFR gauge
No one should ever attempt to Tune without an accurate wideband AFR gauge. Unlike a narrow-band which is used to measure only Rich or Lean from Stoich (14.7 AFR); a wideband gives exact numbers from as rich as 8-10.0 AFR all the way to 20.0 AFR. In order to use Baseline's software, you need to log engine data which includes the wideband's AFR.

  Engine Information
Because Baseline is universal software, some engine specific information needs to be set-up in order for us to know the correct adjustments to make. Engine Displacement and Injector Size are some of the key elements we need to know or else we will be unable to make the correct adjustments. The Engine Wizard will walk you through the steps to give us the complete picture of your motor; so if you are unsure what information to put in, stop and ask before going further.

  Engine Logs
The data Baseline relies on comes from the logs that EMS's produce as the engine is running. It is important to properly format those logs in order for us to read it. Unlike a human, computers require that certain rules are followed since they don't have any common sense. Proper formatting is critical to successful Baseline tuning. Be sure to look up the help file on logs for more information.