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Research And Development

  (BAT) - Baseline Automated Tuning

After all the talk, Do I really need say more? If you want to check out more Baseline information click here

  (SSG) - Smooth Shift Guaranteed

SSG will change the way you drive your car, It is a universal adapter for manual transmission cars with an electronic throttle body. The way it work is it learns the proper RPM for a gear change, be it up or down shift, and will "take over" your throttle automatically matching the shift to the perfect RPM.

  (MBG) - Maximum Boost Guaranteed

MBG will enhance upon the electronic boost controller market. It can be tuned with a 16x16 map that will allow you to set your boost based on load/psi and RPM, the same as a fuel map. What this enables you to do is keep the boost low or even completely 0 while in crusing and light load areas but as load increase you can set the boost to the maximum you want to achieve.

MBG is guaranteed to increase spool up, maximum boost (with proper tuning), and your driving experience!