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We provide the knowledge that tunes cars

Getting Started

Baseline Automated Tuning was developed to give the tuner or car enthusiast access to your engine's information and processes that information in ways never before done. With this product Baseline will give you access to many different levels of information. A few being:

  Custom Feedback on your specific tune as compared to THOUSANDS of other users running the same engine.

  Ways to improve your next tune to get more accurate fuel and timing.

  Access to our global tuning warehouse which houses thousands of tunes for every engine combination you could imagine!

Before Baseline was created the tuner would have to use a series of complicated equations and best guesses, a lot of trial and error and then still not have the best possible result at the end of the tuning session. We have introduced a way to completely take the guesswork out of tuning a car and make it a scientific process.

Whether you are a seasoned professional, or a shade tree mechanic with Baselines guidence and assistance you can tune your boat, car, motorcycle, even your lawn mower if your heart so desires.

If you are a car enthusiast and don't want to pay $1,200 every time you modify an air intake, This product is for you.